Sensbalance Software

Sensbalance Software

Collect data regarding your balance and core stability training
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Sensbalance Software consists of two parts, Basic Measuring and Recording software and Basic Exercise/Game software. In the basic measuring and recording software a red dot on the monitor screen of the connected laptop/PC corresponds exactly to the tilting angle of the balance exercise system in use. As soon as a user is exercising on Sensbalance equipment the red dot on the screen wil move correspondingly and provide in this way biofeedback on the movements made. This can be used both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Movement of the red dot can be recorded and displayed as green trajectories on the monitor screen. Standard the Training Level and Easy Level of the “Balance” Exercise/Game software are supplied , to enable a motivating and challenging exercise environment. The Balance Game consists of a maze platform on the screen with one or more balls. The platform on the screen can be tilted by making body movements and the balls starts rolling within the maze and can be directed towards targets in the maze.

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